Jacob's Story

Jacob Limmer is the visionary founder and head roaster at Cottonwood Coffee, based in Brookings, South Dakota. With over two decades of experience in the coffee industry, Jacob has dedicated his career to mastering the art and science of coffee roasting and brewing.

Jacob's journey began with a background in farming, which instilled in him a deep appreciation for sustainable practices and quality produce. In 2006, he founded Cottonwood Coffee, transforming it from a local coffeehouse into a renowned small-batch roasting company. His passion for excellence and innovation led him to start roasting his own coffee in 2011, marking a significant milestone in his career.

Jacob's expertise is further validated by his prestigious certification as a Q Grader, a credential that signifies his advanced skills in coffee quality evaluation. Through trial and error, and with the guidance of important mentors, Jacob has developed a unique roasting method that emphasizes careful sourcing of green coffee beans from sustainable and ethically-minded farmers around the world.

Under Jacob's leadership, Cottonwood Coffee has not only served the local community but has also expanded its reach, providing high-quality roasted coffee to businesses across the United States. Jacob's commitment to sustainability, authenticity, and community engagement is evident in every aspect of his work, from the beans he selects to the way he connects with customers and fellow coffee enthusiasts.

Jacob also extends his wealth of knowledge through personalized coaching sessions, helping other coffee business owners and operators navigate the complexities of the industry. His coaching emphasizes practical advice, market trends, and sustainable business practices, ensuring that his clients receive actionable insights tailored to their unique needs.

With a deep love for the craft and a dedication to continuous improvement, Jacob Limmer remains a respected and influential figure in the coffee industry, inspiring many through his work and mentorship.

For more information about Jacob Limmer and Cottonwood Coffee, you can visit Cottonwood Coffee's website and listen to Jacob's insights on the Everything Coffee podcast​ (Everything Coffee | Erick Ortiz)​​ (Cottonwood Coffee)​​ (Everything Coffee | Erick Ortiz)​​ (Dakota Rural Action)​.